Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Kiley Roache is a student at Stanford University and author of FRAT GIRL, coming March 2018 from HQN TEEN, a division of HarperCollins.

She has worked as a reporter for the Chicago Tribune’s teen publication The Mash and the San Francisco Chronicle’s SFGATE. She has blogged at Huffington Post Teen. 

She enjoys reading, writing and Dunkin' Donuts coffee. Some days she wants to change the world, others she just wants to talk about boy bands. 


  1. Hi Kiley! My name is Christen and I'm a Casting Producer for Original Productions (Deadliest Catch, Storage Wars, Ice Road Truckers, Jay Leno's Garage, etc.). We are an Emmy award-winning TV production company working on a new documentary series for a major network featuring teen Republicans and their liberal parents. If you are a young person active in the conservative realm and you live with relatives at the opposite end of the political spectrum, we’d like to talk with you. If you know of a family that seems to fit the bill – please pass along this information. We are not interested in sensationalized content. We are interested in healthy debate among family members – who (at the end of the day) love one another. We feel this series is a great way to open up the conversation to families across America – and beyond. We’ll approach the subject with intelligence, compassion and a sense of humor. We are happy to discuss the project in greater detail with anyone interested in learning more. Thank you. Christen cnash@origprod.com

  2. Hello Kiley! I am a San Francisco Chronicle subscriber and feminist, who also likes some boy bands and many kinds of music. I was very interested to read the opinions of concern you expressed about Seventeen magazine while you were at The Mash. I quite agreed with your thoughts, and have expressed my concerns about that magazine in much detail in the long captions of four of my photos in this album of one of my flickr Web sites.https://www.flickr.com/photos/shiroibasketshoes/albums/72157683344016673 If you have any feedback about this you may wish to tell me, you may email me at shiroi31@gmail.com. Have a nice weekend! :-) Bob Davis